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Mr. SAI KRISHNA AZAD is a famous lawyer in Hyderabad. He can handle different kinds of the cases. He has more than 10 years experience in this field. He has knowledge of all legal rules and rights, so he will we make sure to win case easily.


We are providing fair and honest Legal Services to our clients. We Provide Change Name , Family Cases, Criminal Law Cases, Divorce, Adoption Name and many more services. we understand customer requirement and will solve the problem easily. We provide perfect solution for those problems by following legal rules.

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The professional law solid is headed with Mr. SAI KRISHNA AZAD, the various national legal level practitioner and senior lawyer practicing for the past three decades at high court in Hyderabad and other type of court in India. We have highly talented and experienced team to handle the cases in all over the India. We are offering the premium quality service at reasonable prices. We are offering the services for our customers includes name change, will, family council, divorce, criminal cases, notary and deeds, adoption problems, violation of the human rights commissions, property problems and many more. We are handle different complicated cases in high court. We are giving many interviews in TV channels, media and social networks.


Name Change

Now, the common law jurisdictions are allowed to change name. There are many reasons why people need to change name.

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Family Cases

In general, family counseling is the name for counseling below the Family Law Act.

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Criminal Law Cases

In our criminal legal service, our entire attorney has handled 1000 of criminal cases including each kind of crime, felony.

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Property Law

Purchasing or selling hone will be one of the large transactions and it makes some legal issues in the financial transaction.

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People those who involved in matrimonial crisis and faces complex situation of divorce, the consequent legal proceedings are available here.

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Adoption Name

Adoption is a process of assigning the parenting position of a child to another.

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Notary & Deeds

A notary is a lawyer or person who has legal training and also has license made by the Government to perform acts in legal affairs particularly in witnessing signs on documents.

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promissory Note Law

A promissory note is one of type of legal instrument, in which one person promises in writing to pay to accurately determine sum of money to other person at a determinable future time of the payee under a specific terms.

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violation of Human Rights

Human rights in India are an issue by the Country in large size, tremendous diversity, status as a developing country and sovereign, secular, democratic republic.

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